1989/1993 Generative Architecture 3Dmodels with first Basilica soft
• collection of screen dumps of Basilica 1989-1993
projects in Milano
• Futurism Cultural Center
• A Futuristic building in Piazza Cordusio
• New "Galleria" in Milano downtown
• Freedom House in Milano
• Intergenerational Residence Tower for Advanced Living in Milano
• Brera Utopia's Museum in Milano
• Homage to Gaudi' in Milano
• Twin Towers Mirror of Friendship in Milano
• Traveller's Tower in Milano Central Station
• Thermal Baths in Milano
• Advanced Studies Centre in Milano
• Rendez Vous in Milan Gallery
projects in Roma
• commercial centre
• Roman Cathedral, baroc homage to Borromini
projects in Shanghai
• two towers in Shanghai
• multi function tower near Tongji University in Shanghai
• Shanghai, night waterfront
• Shanghai, chinese garden walls
• Shanghai City Door
projects in Tianjin
• Increasing Tianjin identity
• Campus of Tianjin University
projects in Beijing
• Increasing Beijing identity
projects in Nagoya
• Nagoya, tower near the central square
projects in Macau
• Districts on the water(front) in Macau
projects in Tel Aviv
• Radio Tower and a new hotel in the Tel Aviv waterfront
projects in Hong Kong
• Hong Kong waterfront 1.
• Hong Kong near HSBC, codes of HK identity
• Hong Kong road, a new building
• Hong Kong Central night&day
projects in Los Angeles
• Towers
• Radio towers
projects in Washington DC
• Variations of IDB building, Washington DC
• Generated Variations of Washington DC 1
• Generated Variations of Washington DC 2
projects in Chicago
• skyscrapers in "old" Chicago
projects in Delhi
• looking for Delhi Identity, a new cultural istitute
projects in Lecco, Italy
• looking for Futuristic Identity of Lecco
projects in Sardinia
• looking for Sardinia Identity coming from interpretation of Cultural Traditions. October 2009 at Domus Argenia Gallery
• looking for Cagliari Identity coming from interpretation of Cultural Traditions. July 2010 at Cagliari University
Natural/Artificial environment identity
• Generated Italian Medieval towns. Project made in 1987
• A generated Natural/Artificial Isle Project
other Architectural projects
• PRADO MUSEUM, International Competition
• A Telematic Basilica in Milan, Piazza Telematica per Milano,
• Caravanserraglio, Patio Architecture 1998
• Museum 1998
• Un Palco Multimediale per Milano - Multimedia Stage in Milan
• Freedom House 1999
• Blues Bus Station 1999
• Contemporary Art Museum, 1999
• Argenμa from Bernini, 1999
• The New Taichung City Civic Center, International Competition.
• The Central California History Museum at Fresno, International Competition
• Gothic city on the mountain lake, European Identity
Generative Interiors
Interior Space #1
• Interior Space #2