Architect, professor of Environmental Design in Milan Polytechnic, since 1975 She uses the new and more advanced tools of communication. She realised architectural projects, movies and video tapes for exhibitions and festivals. She was professor of Theory and Method of Mass Media Communication in the Accademia di Belle Arti. She works with Celestino Soddu beginning in the years of College.
She has her professional office in Rome and in Milan.


Born in 1945, architect, is teaching in the Italian University since 1971. He was professor of Architectural Design and, now, he is professor of Environmental Design in Milan Polytechnic.
In '70 years he was Director of the Audiovisual Centre of The University of Reggio C. and, beginning in 1979, his research is about the dynamic evolution of the environmental and architectural image, designing a sequences of original software.
In 1986 he has designed the first original software to control the dynamic evolution of the genius loci of artificial environment.
In 1997 he founded and now he direct the Generative Design Lab at Milan Polytechnic University and, in 1998, he organized the first Generative Art Conference that was held each subsequent year.

The last researches of Enrica Colabella and Celestino Soddu are about the design of species. Every project, realised like a software, can generate a sequence of different architectures/environment characterised by the same genius loci. With this operative approach it is possible to evaluate the quality of the possible architectural events during the increasing complexity of design processes.
Using this software in Industrial Design, it's possible to produce, with the same morphogenetic project that works like an automatic reprogramming device for robots, a series of ever different objects belonging to the same designing idea.

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Prof. Celestino Soddu
Arch. Enrica Colabella
Department of Architecture and Planning
Milan Polytechnic, Milano, Italy
Fax (+39).02.23995454
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C.Soddu, NY'86.Guggenheim, oil picture