Enrica Colabella (poem), Celestino Soddu, castle variations, 1998
On a warm Mediterranean morning
Young souls suddenly in vacation
Of a static school rhythm
With fear in their hearts
And with courage on the skin meet
Under a tree of white mulberry:
They prefer the white ones
Getting humid lips of red mulberry savoured.
The silence was the meeting,
And the whiteness incarnate.
A maternal music in their heart.
How can a suspensed hand
Say the unmenentionable?
In the time of posthumanism man is about to face the reality of cloning. The pained themes of "double" and of difference are vanishing, of which we have extensive testimonies in this century, one for all the cuttings of Lucio Fontana, "I Concetti Spaziali", where in a suffered going beyond, the man/ artist looks at the mystery as a child from the other side of the picture. New questions are opening, of which we can now with difficulty mark the borders, though in the intuition of uncontrolled abysses. My experiences of research start in the direction of the building of "the naturalness" in the artificial world, that is able to meet the aesthetic needs of each being person. / / / / / /
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